Keelee Dugger to Keelee Hacker 2.0

Keelee is a joy to know. She is all things kind, sweet, bubbly, and joyful. She is selfless and loving, loyal and true. She is a blessing to those in her life and Marc is one lucky man to get to love and to know Keelee for the rest of his life. Keelee and Marc's original wedding date was March 23rd, 2020. They were engagement and were planning for this day for TWO YEARS. Then COVID hit. They didn't let this stop them from a day two years in the making. They had a small intimate wedding with the ones they loved and adored most, but didn't want to miss out on the party. They rescheduled the big, formal day for September 27th, 2020. MONTHS after the original plan COVID restrictions lifted and here we are. THE big day. Here is how their story begins...

Started EARLY.

Her day began at 7:30, making last minute touches to the venue and details and made her way to the bridal suite. Her sweet bridesmaids all joined and began the glam sesh for the rest of the morning. Hair products, make-up, and champagne filled the suite. Her dress hung by vanity, veil draped over the mirror, and her shoes not too far to the right. The day was finally here.

Bubbly & Fun!

Champagne was poured, mimosa's made, and cheers began.

The matching robes & confetti steal the show.

My signature shot. The Bridesmaids, champagne, and confetti! This is why my brides choose me as their gal for their big day. So fun, so free, so joyful.

Oops, "pop the champagne" was just supposed to be a saying...

Remember don't actually pop it until after the pictures, but honestly this made for a little extra excitement and some fun pictures so I was not upset at all!

Mom of the Bride Moments

Just a sweet girl, and her sweet momma. The calm moments before.

Flower Girl steals the show

JUST SWEET AS SWEET CAN BE! She is just a doll.

Time for the dress.

The quiet moments just before the reveal.

THE dress.

Ms. Keelee Duggar heads down the aisle

The Mr. & Mrs. Marc Hacker

I now pronounce you HUSBAND & WIFE. Again!

The moments after

Here's to your forever story, Keelee + Marc.

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