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I want to be your (second😉) best decision on your wedding day- first being your fiancé of course!

I hope you have fun exploring my website... I've poured my heart and soul into every corner and I hope you love it and find all the info (and pretty pics) you need to make the best decision for you! :)


KayLee Victoria

KayLee Victoria Weddings

Dallas based Wedding Photographer for the fun and bubbly bride!

*totally down to travel :))

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“KayLee is absolutely amazing and sooo fun to work with!! I had a blast, and my pictures are perfect!! If you're looking for a wedding photographer, choose to be a KV Bride!”

  1. Inquiring
  2. Meet & Greet
  3. Booking
  4. Planning + Complimentary Consultation
  5. KV Prep Resources
  6. Engagement Session
  7. Sneak Peeks
  8. Bridal Portrait Session
  9. ONLY you (Bridal Sneak peeks)
  11. Wedding Sneak Peeks
  12. Final Gallery Delivery

The first step is to contact me through my contact form. I will be in touch with you shortly after with valuable information on Wedding packages and my KV Bride add-on options! Once you select your package and experience we will get you scheduled and start the planning process.

Meet & Greet

Next we will set up a time to grab coffee or FaceTime if you are outside the local area. It's super relaxed and we just get to talk about you, your fiancé, and your big day!


If you decide that I am the perfect fit for you, we will go ahead and start the booking process. This is the "business" part of the process that isn't fun but I have a system in place to make it as quick and easy as possible!

Planning Time! + Consultation

I love this part! This is the fun part because I get to see your visions and what you want and bring it to life on your big day! During this step we will get you scheduled for your engagement and bridal portraits too! We will plan your wedding day timeline, engagement session location and vision, bridal visions, and create your "Key Shots" list for your big day. No detail is missed!

KV Resources

I will send you alll the goodies! I want to educate and equip you with all the best tips and tricks I have. I will send you my KV Style guide which will give you all the tips you need to pick the perfect outfits, accessories, and locations for your engagement session as well as recommendations for hair and make-up vendors in town!

Engagement Session Day!

We will meet up at the first location and I will give you all my pro model tips and tricks and you will be at ease in NO TIME. This is always the most nerve wracking part for everyone so I make it my personal mission to make you feel like a runway model in the first 15 minutes. I will start you out with the simple poses so you can get used to being in front of the camera and as you catch on I will ease you into more advance posing!

Sneak Peek!

After your session I will go home and start uploading all your beautiful pictures. I always post a sneak peek within 48-hours of your session on social media so you can see how BEAUTIFUL you look!

*Make sure to follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page so I can tag you in your sneak peeks!

Bridal Session Day!

It will look a lot like your engagement session day, but just you and your once-in-a-lifetime dream dress!

Only you Sneak peek

After your bridal session I will go home and start uploading all your beautiful pictures. I will send you a 48-hour sneak peek of your session! I DO NOT post them on social media... I'm basically I'm a professional secret keeper at this point because OH MY GOSH is it hard to keep your stunning bridal portraits a secret!


It's the day you have been planning, dreaming, and waiting for for so long! This is the easiest day of the process... JUST ENJOY the day. I will take care of the rest. :)

Wedding Sneak Peek!

After your wedding I will go home and start uploading all your beautiful pictures. I always post a sneak peek within 48-hours of your wedding on social media so you relive the BEST DAY EVER.

*Make sure to follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page so I can tag you in your sneak peeks!

Final Gallery Delivery

I will put together your final gallery and send you the link to your KV Gallery with your own password. You can instantly download images right from the gallery to send and share with friends! You can also purchase prints with the option to choose from several different print sizes, canvases, and announcement card designs.

*Full wedding galleries are delivered within 4-8 weeks.

Questions? Check out my FAQs or send your questions on over to me through my CONTACT page. I'd love to chat!

Wedding Investments

Packages starting at $1500+ with all packages including:

 -an online, password protected image gallery

 -instant download high-resolution digital images

-print release rights


-Complimentary consultation with KayLee Victoria

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Do you do Elopements?

YES! I love the intimacy, stress-free, all -about-you aspects of elopements! My elopement packages start at $650+.

Do you travel?

OH girl do I?!
My friends will tell you I am ALWAYS going somewhere. My first love is photography, my second-- traveling the world. I believe the Lord created all of the world for us to explore so why stay at home!

I do have to charge a travel fee for weddings more than 1 hour and I will break down the fees for you to get to see so you know exactly what is being considerate for travel expenses. I never want you to be in the dark about anything while working with me.

What about COVID?

Man oh man... COVID. It makes things so tricky and stressful for you, and I try my ABSOLUTE best to alleviate that for you. We will work moment by moment to get things taken care of stress-free as possible so you can enjoy this season you are in.

I only take a very limited amount of weddings a year so I haven't had issues with rescheduling. I hope that gives you some peace of mind in this uncertain season!

How many Weddings do you take a year?

I only take 12 full weddings a year.

I do this so I can serve you so well in such a special season. I want to allow plenty of time for us to work through the pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding process. I give my couple's my full attention!! Therefore I can only take a limited amount so don't wait, once I book 12 for the year I close the doors and it breaks my heart but I know it allows me to serve my KV Couple's SO much better.

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