Want to be a KayLee Victoria spokesmodel?!


I am so glad you are here!

I am KayLee Victoria, a Shreveport based Senior photographer! I am a fan of all things light, bright, and vibrant! If you are anything like me you understand my love for shopping, relaxing by the pool, and browsing Pinterest for new inspo for hair, clothes, and home decor. 

But that's enough about me! 


Let's talk about you! I believe that when choosing a photographer, you want to not only choose someone who's previous work you absolutely ADORE but someone you connect with and instantly feel comfortable around.


I really believe in my business all the way to it's core..BUT I can confidently say my KV Spokesmodel Team is one of my FAV parts about my business. I love to watch the confidence of my spokesmodel girls grow through the year! We have so much fun laughing, dancing, and exploring new never before used locations for shoots!


Now that I filled you in on me, my business, and spokesmodel team... let's jump right into all the perks and what my KV spokesmodel program is all about! 

2023 Spokesmodel programs:

*College Team

*High School Team

*Jr. Rep Team (NEW for 2023!!!)

What is being a KayLee Victoria Spokesmodel all about?

I am so glad you asked! :)

Being a spokesmodel for KayLee Victoria Photography means you have the opportunity to represent the face of KayLee Victoria Seniors! My spokesmodel team is my FAVORITE part of my business. I am on year THREE (I can't believe it!!) of having a KayLee Victoria Spokesmodel team. Each year I am in awe of how sweet, kind, genuine, and EXCITED all the girls are to be on my team. (Hint: If this sounds like you... keep reading!)

With over 50 applications each year, my spokesmodel team is an exciting and highly-anticipated opportunity for many seniors local AND around the state. My spokesmodels are chosen based off of their involvement in their community, outgoing personalities, dedication to the KayLee Victoria brand and excitement about their senior year! 

Chosen Spokesmodels receive COUNTLESS PERKS including: 

- a complimentary KV spokesmodel mini session with me!!!

- participation in fully styled shoots throughout the year

- high resolution digital images to share online with friends after every shoot

- spokesmodel ONLY group events & activities 

- blog feature of their photoshoot gallery on KayLee Victoria's blog 

- model for additional shoots if called on by KayLee Victoria 

- first access to scheduling link before it goes live to the public

- exclusive access to the spokesmodel referral program 

- opportunities to earn additional mini sessions and other shoots throughout the year!


-and so much more!

ARE YOU EXCITED YET?! I've poured my heart and soul into this spokesmodel program and cannot wait for this year. It's going to be THE BEST YEAR yet.

Which team should I apply for?

This is such a good question!!

*College: for girls age 18-23 (ish)!

*High School: 2023 Seniors

*Jr. Rep: 9th-11th grade

Here is what one of my sweet spokesmodels wants you to know about her experience!.. 


"I found KayLee Victoria through previous reps (so crazy that i’m now one!) 


I applied to be a KV spokesmodel because she always seemed so genuine. I’m really big on showing a real, authentic you and from her page and talking to people who have worked with her before that was a very consistent testimony I got about her and her business 


I think every girl that can should apply to be a rep. I say this because it’s more than just pretty pictures (which are obviously a bonus🥰) but it’s a family. KayLee truly cares for each and every person that works with her and I think that’s something that’s so special to find, especially in the business world. I’ll forever be so grateful for this experience and I want every girl to have a support system like I found in KayLee Victoria Photography." 


Cue the tears... I love my spokesmodel girls so much! I want YOU to have this experience too.... so Keep scrolling :)))

KV Spokesmodel Gallery



“I applied to be a KV spokesmodel because KayLee always seemed so genuine. I’m really big on showing a real and authentic you and from her page and talking to people who have worked with her before that was a very consistent testimony I got about her and her business.”

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