2024-2025 KayLee Victoria Spokesmodel applications are OPEN!!!!

Please verify your email on your application before submitting & keep a close eye on your inbox!

I will be using email to communicate your status in the process. So check your email regularly to stay up to date.

Read this testimonial from a 2022 spokesmodel

"I found KayLee Victoria through previous reps (so crazy that i’m now one!) 

I applied to be a KV spokesmodel because she always seemed so genuine. I’m really big on showing a real, authentic you and from her page and talking to people who have worked with her before that was a very consistent testimony I got about her and her business 

KayLee and being one of her reps has meant so much to me. I became a rep my freshman year of college (like a month before I moved away) and I actually met one of my closest friends because she was on the team with me. We had our first shoot of the season the day I moved to Natchitoches and me and Isabel (a fellow rep) met that day. During the semester we became so close and she’s now one of my best friends. 

My favorite part of being a rep was that I was able to know I had people around me, cheering for me. from KayLee herself, to the current college reps, to the current high school reps, and even past reps. I knew I always had somebody I could call if I needed something or just to cheer me on. I went through a really bad breakup during the season and it took a toll on me. but KayLee and the reps went above and beyond to check on me and just remind me that it was all going

to be okay, even if it didn’t feel like it at that moment 

I think every girl that can should apply to be a rep. I say this because it’s more than just pretty pictures (which are obviously a bonus🥰) but it’s a family. KayLee truly cares for each and every person that works with her and I think that’s something that’s so special to find, especially in the business world. I’ll forever be so grateful for this experience and I want every girl to have a support system like I found with KayLee Victoria Photography."

Cue the tears... I love my spokesmodel girls so much! I want YOU to have this experience too.




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