✨ I love bridal sessions, like for real ✨

3 reasons you should book your bridal portraits like, TODAY! 

1) YOU. Yes, you. You get to be all dolled up in your perfect dream dress not once, but TWICE. 

2) Wedding days can be an overwhelming amount of emotions and activities and there just isn't enough time to squeeze in a special moment for you to get your bridal portraits in (at least not stress free!)

3) Bridal portraits make for the PERFECT GIFT for your mom and dad. They love you and you are their sweet, prized possession and they would love to have a stunning album of bridals to take with them after all the wedding festivities are complete and you ride off into the sunset so in love with your sweet new hubby!

✨ I am currently booking bridal portraits for 2020/2021 brides, inquire today to book yours! ✨

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