December Cover Shoot with Melinda, Roxy, and the cutest grand baby in the world!

Melinda welcomed me into her beautiful home this past week to get to know her, her cute pup Roxy, and the her sweet grand baby who was in town for the weekend.

Melinda is the Host of all Hosts.

As I got to chatting with Melinda I quickly could see her heart for serving others!

From the moment I stepped into her home, I was greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. It just felt like we had know each other for years. First thing, she asked what I would like to drink... "Wine, sparkling water, you name it!" Oh, and she won't let you leave hungry either!

As she poured me a glass of sparkling water, we got to chatting.

She told me about her family, her grandkids, where she grew up, oh and her love for art and glasswork!

We moved into the living room where she had the most beautiful fireplace!

The marble, the glass, it was all a dream. Just gorgeous!

Then this cute little guy was ready to join the fun!

He really got the party started!

He was watering anything and everything in his sight.

Plants, flowers, and of course we had to water the pool too!

Next we headed down to the lake.

So relaxing and calming...

We even got to see some turtles.

They bobbed their heads up and down, in and out of the water.

As we headed back up to the house to get some more shots I just had to stop and take it all in.

I mean Just look how stunning her yard is!

And these windows!

I am a huge fan of natural light so I was just in LOVE with the floor to ceiling windows over looking the infinity pool.

Then we spotted the PERFECT photo spot!

This is my vote for the December cover photo.

As we finished up...

We sat around the kitchen island, chatting and finishing the last sips of our drinks.

If you don't know Melinda, you are really missing out. She is truly a joy to know and I am sure her family and friends feel the same way. Thank you Melinda for welcoming me into your home and treating me like a friend. I loved getting to know you and your little grand baby. He was just cute as a doll! I just can't wait for you to see your final gallery from the shoot. I think you will fall in love with every sweet picture!


KayLee Victoria

A little bit of background about Long Lake Living Magazine and how I got connected!

Long Lake Living magazine is a community magazine for the residents of Long Lake Community just south of Shreveport, Louisiana. I work along side Danielle who works directly for N2 Publishing. She reached out a few months ago about having me shoot the cover photo each month, and we just instantly clicked! We have become great friends and partners over the last couple months and she is an incredible blessing in my life. Thank you Danielle for believing in me! Here's to many more months of great partnership and a deeper friendship.


KayLee Victoria

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